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Our Philosophy

About our Spanish Language School Buenos Aires

lvstudio is a community of students, teachers, interpreters, and translators from all over the world, who come together at  this Spanish School in Buenos Aires to live and share language.
Our Spanish School has a communicative teaching approach, with emphasis on speaking Spanish. You’ll apply what you learn in our Spanish school out on the streets of Buenos Aires.
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Spanish Courses

About our Spanish Courses Buenos Aires

Our Spanish Language School offers you different types of Spanish Courses. Choose the best one for you!

We have Spanish Courses for those who wants to improve their Spanish in a short amount of time; Spanish course plan based on your language needs, goals and interests or for those who live locally and are looking to improve their Argentine Spanish.

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Spanish-English Conversation Exchange

Spanish-English Conversation Exchange

This Spanish Conversation Group is a combination of a conversation class and social event, where we all get together to practice languages and learn about other cultures. Retain and improve your Spanish with casual conversation. Running every Thursday!

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Spanish Immersion Packages

 Spanish Immersion Packages

Want to learn tango or maybe take a Spanish tour around Argentina? Or are you looking for classes for the whole family?

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Homestay + Spanish Course Buenos Aires

Live with an Argentine family in a comfortable and safe accommodation close to lvstudio in Palermo.

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E-learning: Online Spanish lessons (Skype Lessons)

Online Spanish Lessons (Skype Lessons)

Kickstart your Spanish before arriving in Buenos Aires, with lvstudio E-Learning Program. Also, If you already spent time in Buenos Aires and you want to continue practicing and learning the language this option is perfect for you.

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About Buenos Aires

Palermo Neighborhood

Palermo is the perfect blend of Argentinian traditions and international cultures. You can visit natural reserves and prestigious museums. You can also go shopping in fashion boutiques or artisans fairs. You can get the best accommodation. Wow! Can you imagine doing all those things after your Spanish lessons? Or enjoying a coffee with your classmates near the Spanish School?
Palermo has also an unbeatable nightlife scene in which you can find the best bars, pubs and dance clubs in town.
Palermo is all that and more! A beautiful neighborhood usually chosen by most expats who decide to move permanently to our country, since Palermo also happens to be one of the safest areas in Buenos Aires.

Before You Arrive

What is the weather like in Buenos Aires ?
Do I need a Visa ?
How do I change my money ?
How far is the airport from the city?


Ask us how we can help you !

Get a discount and stay in a Hostel or choose to live with an Argentine family and speed up your learning.


Public Transportation

It works pretty well and it’s very cheap. You will need to buy a card called SUBE that you will need to recharge afterwards. The metro runs until 22.30 everyday. During the night you will have to take buses.

Take a look at : http://www.mapa.buenosaires.gob.ar/comollego

Or download the app Como Llego


Very hard to wait more than 5 minutes to get one. A good way to practice your Spanish with the driver who will always have a story to tell.


You can rent a bike or even buy one very easily. The many bike lanes in the city will keep you safe. Ask us for a map !

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En lvstudio tenemos también clases de Portugués, Francés e Inglés