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1-on-1 Intensive Spanish course in Buenos Aires


  • Where? You are welcome to choose! Your home, skype, your office or a café in Palermo Soho. For locations not in Palermo (microcentro, Puerto Madero, Belgrano), there is a 10% increase.
  • When?  Monday to Friday, 2hrs/day or Monday to Thursday, 2.5hrs/day
  • Possible packages:
    • 10 hrs in 1 week: 215€
    • 40 hrs in 4 weeks: 775€

Spanish courses “on-the-go” in Buenos Aires


  • Where? You are welcome to choose! Your home, skype, your office or a café in Palermo Soho. For locations not in Palermo (microcentro, Puerto Madero, Belgrano), there is a 10% increase.
  • When? Morning and afternoon, depending on your schedule and teacher availability.
  • Possible packages:
    • Price/hour: 35€

Individual Spanish courses for expats


  • Where? You are welcome to choose! Your home, skype, your office or a café in Palermo Soho. For locations not in Palermo (microcentro, Puerto Madero, Belgrano), an extra 10% fee applies.
  • When?  Morning and afternoon, depending on your schedule and teacher availability.
  • Possible packages:
    • 12 hrs in 4 weeks: 305€
    • 72 hrs in 6 months: 1.655€ (Liberty Pack)

Spanish Online courses


  • Where? On Skype
  • When? Any day of the week (Saturday and Sunday included!) between 8am to 8pm UTC/GMT -3 hours. There may be a 10% to 30% increase in the price outside these hours.
  • Possible packages:
    • 1-9 online Spanish lessons in 4 weeks: 26€/class
    • 10 online Spanish lessons in 4 weeks: 215€
    • 40 online Spanish lessons in 4 weeks: 775€

Group Spanish courses Buenos Aires


  • Where? Our group courses are offered in Palermo Soho. However, we have different locations so you will be given the exact address on Friday before the course starts, always in the Palermo Soho area.
  • When? Starts the first Monday of each month. Monday to Thursday from 9-11.30am and 12-2.30pm (There is a 30-minute lunch break between the two blocks). 
    • Why from Monday to Thursday? For you to be able to travel during the week-end. Study and discover Buenos Aires from Monday till Thursday, and travel to the Iguazu waterfalls, to the vineyards of Mendoza or to the Perito Moreno Glacier of Calafate.
  • Possible packages:
    • Price for 4 weeks: 560€

Spanish Conversation Classes


Tuesday : Free Spanish Conversation Night 

  • ​One hour of Spanish class directed to basic levels​
  • Location: Eco Pampa Hostel (Guatemala 4778)
  • Time: 7pm-8pm

Thursday : Conversation Night: Inglés/Español Cultural Exchange

  • ​One hour of Spanish conversation class directed to all levels while our local students have an English class. We then mix up both groups to continue the night and practice in a relaxed atmosphere!
  • Location: Cultural Center El Quetzal (Guatemala 4516)
  • Time: 7pm-8pm for the class. 8-9pm for the socializing part!

Why choose lvstudio

In Palermo or wherever you want

Your Spanish Courses available anytime you want, in a comfortable coffee with an exclusive reserved area for us in the heart of Palermo, or at your hotel, office,... We go wherever is more convenient for you

Learn with a native qualified tacher

All our teachers have years of experience and have been teaching Spanish in the past to travellers, nomad workers or expat families. Feel at ease learning Argentinian Spanish in good hands.

The best activities to take your Spanish to the next level

Lvstudio is not only about Spanish courses, it's also about the activities outside the classroom. Enjoy 2 Conversation Nights per week to improve your Spanish with locals - and a bunch of activities and discounts to enjoy Buenos Aires to the fullest.

Your classes are also online!

Going on a trip? Want to practice before coming? Want to change the dynamics of the class? Our teachers have experience giving online classes and at any moment you can switch your classes online to fit your agenda!

About Buenos Aires

Palermo Neighborhood

Palermo is the perfect blend of Argentinian traditions and international cultures. You can visit natural reserves and prestigious museums. You can also go shopping in fashion boutiques or artisans fairs. You can get the best accommodation. Wow! Can you imagine doing all those things after your Spanish lessons? Or enjoying a coffee with your classmates near the Spanish School?
Palermo has also an unbeatable nightlife scene in which you can find the best bars, pubs and dance clubs in town.
Palermo is all that and more! A beautiful neighborhood usually chosen by most expats who decide to move permanently to our country, since Palermo also happens to be one of the safest areas in Buenos Aires.

Before You Arrive

What is the weather like in Buenos Aires ?
Buenos Aires has all 4 seasons; depending on when you come, you will be able to experience all kinds of weather, hot and cold, dry and wet. From December to February Summer will welcome you to Buenos Aires. It is soo hoooot and usually humid! But you do have AC in your Spanish classroom. Pack light, you won’t need many clothes. From March to May days are warm and you can experience occasional rain but it is mostly sunny. This is one of the best periods to enjoy your Spanish lessons because the city gets very active after a long summer. From June to August your winter sprint walk to Spanish School will be cold but you will get a lot of sunny days. The temperature can drop to 3 or 4 degress at night but will rise to 20 during the day. Don’t forget your warmest jacket or you will regret it! The AC works both ways in our Spanish School, how nice is that? September, October and November are the months to fall in love. Spring is here, along with a few tourists and great weather: around 20 degrees and very sunny. It is the perfect time to lie down in the park after Spanish School. And why not enjoy some mate.
Do I need a Visa ?
Depending on where you come from, you may need a Visa to be a student at our Spanish School. Generally for European, US and Australian citizens no visa is required if you are staying 90 days or less. Take a look at what the Argentine Consulate says :
How do I change my money ?
 You can go to any exchange office. Argentina no longer has a big difference between the official exchange rate and  the blue/black rate.
How far is the airport from the city?
Buenos Aires has two airports. International flights arrive at Ezeiza Airport which is called Ministro Pistarini Airport as well. It is pretty far from the city and you need at least 45 minutes by taxi to get to the city center. You have other options like buses. Have a safe and relaxing experience and let us, your Spanish School, arrange your smooth transfer to Palermo.


Ask us how we can help you !

Get a discount and stay in a Hostel or choose to live with an Argentine family and speed up your learning.


 Book your Spanish course now and enjoy lots of benefits!

 Book your Spanish course now and enjoy lots of benefits!

 Book your Spanish course now and enjoy lots of benefits!

Public Transportation

It works pretty well and it’s very cheap. You will need to buy a card called SUBE that you will need to recharge afterwards. The metro runs until 22.30 everyday. During the night you will have to take buses.

Take a look at :

Or download the app Como Llego


Very hard to wait more than 5 minutes to get one. A good way to practice your Spanish with the driver who will always have a story to tell.


You can rent a bike or even buy one very easily. The many bike lanes in the city will keep you safe. Ask us for a map !

Querés estudiar otro idioma lvstudio?

En lvstudio tenemos también clases de Portugués, Francés e Inglés

Difficult and Easy Languages to Learn

There are no difficult or easy languages to learn, it’s all about practicing. If you apply yourself and have the resources you need, you have everything you need to become bilingual. Immersing yourself in a language and conversing with native speakers is the best way to learn. If you can become comfortable speaking with other people, then learning the grammar and vocabulary is that much easier. At LV Studio’s language school in Palermo, we give you the tools you need to learn. Our knowledgeable native speakers will help to guide you into language and culture. The small groups and individual attention we provide is distinct from other language schools in Buenos Aires. Language learning is a skill that improves with practice. Once you have the tools it becomes easier and easier. The important thing to consider is not that the language you are learning is more or less difficult than your native tongue. It is that you have the tools and resources necessary to learn.

Why study Spanish in Buenos Aires?

Traveling in South America? Buenos Aires is a great place to improve your Spanish. Learning Spanish is a breeze when you are immersed in a culture, and culture is something Buenos Aires has in spades. The city has so much to offer expats. From tango to football to the best beef in the world.  Take a Spanish course from our native speakers here in Palermo and in no time at all, you’ll be speaking Porteño like a local. The relaxed atmosphere of our language school in the heart of Palermo makes students feel at home. Expats can learn Spanish in our conversation cafe while making friends and experiencing Buenos Aires like a local.  Native porteños will introduce you to one of the richest cultural experiences in South America. Buenos Aires has everything you want and need to learn Spanish.

Porteño Fileteado

As quintessential as the face of Carlos Gardel or tango music, the stylized artistic style of fileteado can be seen throughout Buenos Aires adorning storefronts, buses, taxis and just about anything else that porteños care about. The curled flowers, loops and hand painted swirls that began as a simple decoration for produce carts developed over the years into a way of distinguishing the myriad of buses (colectivos) from their competitors. Now the style is recognized as a unique and disctinctive art form of the city. From plumber’s shops to Milongas, the characteristic flowers, cornucopias, and vivid colors are  more than just a means of filling the free space on signs; they are an art form as distinctive as Buenos Aires itself.

Excellent examples of fileteado can be found when walking around La Boca or outside the Carlos Gardel museum in Abasto. It is not necessary, however, to make a special trip. Just about everywhere you go in the city, you can see hand painted fileteado signs and walls used for advertisements or simply for decoration. Stroll down Defensa Street on Sunday in San Telmo and you can find fileteado artists willing to customize anything you care to have decorated.

There are even tours that  will take you around the city to see the best  examples of this unique  art form. Or, if you are  feeling creative, you can  even take a class from a master of fileteado.  Wherever you are in the city, there is a good chance that you can find a beautiful example of this distinctive art within walking distance.