How to Speak Porteño Spanish?

How to Speak Porteño Spanish

So, you`ve arrived in Buenos Aires and discovered that 2 semesters of Spanish in HIgh School or your 2 months living in Barcelona has not  prepared you to converse with the average Porteño? The people of Buenos Aires (Porteños) have their own distinctive way of speaking that is different from the Spanish spoken worldwide and even from the rest of Argentina. Here are a few tips to help you blend in with the natives.


Porteño pronunciation:

The first thing you will notice is the pronunciation of certain letters in porteño is unique to Buenos Aires. For example, the Y and LL in porteño make shh sound instead of Y like yankee. “Yo me llamo Shaq” becomes “Sho me Shamo Shaq”. Also, the Spanish of Spain’s TH pronunciation of S, C, and Z is ignored in Porteño. “Grathiath por la thervetha” becomes “gracias por la cerveza”  Here is a helpful video breaking down the differences.



The most notable grammatical difference is the presence of “vos” in the second person. Instead of using the Spanish tú,Porteños use vos in this case and it results in a change in the conjugation of verbs.. Eres becomes sos and most other verbs pick up an accented change in the second person such as quieres-querés and puedes-podés. “Tú eres de Argentina¨ becomes “Vos sos de Argentina”.  “Tú quieres helado” becomes “vos querés helado”. Here is an explanation of the history of this usage in Argentina.



Porteños have deep cultural ties to their Italian heritage as does their distinct slang lunfardo. Lunfardo roots lie in the criminal colloquialisms of early immigrants and is commonly found in the lyrics of tango music. So if “Che, vamos a morfar como bachichas” means nothing to you, then maybe you should pick up a dictionary of lunfardo.



If there is one thing the expressive, demonstrative Porteños do well, it is speak with their whole body. Here is a great guide to how to say it without (or with fewer) words in Buenos Aires.

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Tango in Buenos Aires

4 Free Tango Dancing Opportunities in Buenos Aires

So, you are new to BA and want to experience the most seductive dance in the world but are on a shoestring budget? You want to see some professionals dance but don’t want to spend the dough on a high-priced touristy show? Here are 4 great ways to pick up a few steps absolutely free.

Tango in Buenos Aires at Museo Casa Carlos Gardel

The museum periodically has free tango lessons in Buenos Aires offered in the courtyard by a professional tango teacher. The courtyard is a tight space for dancing but that’s all the more reason to dance apilado style. Occasionally the museum also organizes tango music concerts. Check the museum’s facebook page for upcoming events.

Tango in Buenos Aires at La Glorieta de la Plaza de Barrancas

In this open-air gazebo in Belgrano, you will find free tango dancing every weekend (weather permitting) starting at eight pm. Arrive a bit early and there is a free lesson for the basic steps.   Facebook

Plaza Dorrego

In the heart of San Telmo almost every Sunday you can find tango dancing in this plaza to be watched, and if you are lucky, you may be asked to join in. Enjoy a glass of wine and let the professionals do their thing or bring your dancing shoes and look ready to dance. Take a look at the city’s website for more details.

Caminito en La Boca

Another great opportunity to enjoy Tango in Bueno Aires o here in the iconic La Boca barrio.

One last thing, for the next 2 weeks the city of Buenos Aires is giving away free tickets to the Tango World Championships if you take the tango quiz at here

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lvstudio Spanish School – Tigre Time Out!

lvstudio Spanish School – Tigre Time Out!

After one week of a Super Intensive Spanish Course in lvstudio Spanish School Buenos Aires you may need a relaxed weekend.  If you are just looking for a place to spend a nice weekend, a trip to Tigre will do you a treat.

Tigre is a town just North of Buenos Aires. The town sits on an island created by several small streams and rivers and was founded in 1820, “after floods had destroyed other settlements in the area, then known as the ‘Partido de las Conchas’.”

In fact, Tigre is called Tigre because of the Jaguars that roamed there before they were all killed.

The town is easily reached by a 45 minute train ride from the Retiro station and well worth it at only a click on the Sube card!

Remember that lvstudio Spanish School in Buenos Aires organized lots of immersion trips and Tigre is one of the location choosen by our Spanish School.


Apart from the obvious things to do in Tigre such as ferry rides, museums and dining in the river side restaurants, here are a few unexpected things I found and did and will come back to do again in Tigre!

  1. Go to China town! I had never heard anything about the China town mall that stands very prominently opposite the river side. It is not the China town that excited me but the most amazing pancake-dulce de leche cake things that were sold in a small stall in the right when you enter the mall. As unexpected as it was, they were absolutely incredible and I advise you that if you ever go to this mall, do not leave before trying these things. With three flavours; dulce de leche, crema pastelera, and chocolate , I recommend ordering six and trying two of each. Surprisingly not overly sweet, these beauties really hit the spot! If you are able, bring some on monday to share with the students of lvstudio Spanish School in Buenos Aires.

  2. Puerto de Frutos market– make sure you go to Tigre on a Sunday so not to miss out on the artisanal market down by the river.  Delicious food vendors and all sorts of interesting arts and crafts. Although similar to the markets of San Telmo, Recoleta and Palermo near our Spanish School.  I found this one to be cheaper, a little more relaxed with more original, interesting items.
  3. Kayaking on the Parana Delta- after a busy week of rushing to work in chaotic public transport and sweating away in the sweltering Argentinian heat, there is nothing better than taking a day out to paddle along the beautiful Tigre waters. Unlike a ferry you see so much more on a Kayak and really feel a sense of freedom and peacefulness.

Due to the proximity , easy accessibility and cheap train tickets, Tigre makes for the perfect daytime getaway!