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Spanish School in Buenos Aires 

We offer many different types of Spanish courses in Buenos Aires, Palermo neighborhood. There´s no registration fee! Everything is included, your first book and LV Studio services. All prices listed are in cash (ask us about paying by credit card).

Payment methods in our Spanish School Buenos Aires

You will have to pay 50% of your course before you arrive by Paypal. The rest of it should be pay the first day of class in cash. We accept payments in Euros, Dollars, and Pesos; also Bank transfers in Pesos and Euros. Ask us for our bank account payment details.

Study Spanish in Buenos Aires:  Spanish Level Test

Have you studied Spanish before and are you curious about your current level?

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Spanish Course Packages in Buenos Aires

In need of a place to stay? Interested in learning tango? Do you want to travel and learn Spanish at the same time…

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lvstudio Spanish School in Buenos Aires

We give small Spanish group lessons so that students receive personalized attention from their Spanish teachers. As a result, the Spanish classes are highly effective and develop in an interactive, warm, and relaxed environment. We also offer individual Spanish courses for those seeking an even more customized approach.

One-on-One Intensive Spanish – 10 hours per week

Price per week: 215 EUR 

Price for a month: 775 EUR

This classes can be taken from Monday to Friday 2 hours per day or Monday to Thursday 2,5 hours per day. You choose the start date and the times to have them!

The studio will develop a course plan based on your language needs, goals and interests as well as the results of your written and oral assessment. A team of at least two language instructors will keep you absorbed in Spanish, thinking and speaking it throughout the class. Your instructors will exchange ideas regularly to evaluate your progress, and fine tune your syllabus as needed.

We recommend individual classes for those who have specific needs or because of time constraints are unable to attend our group courses.

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Online Spanish Lessons with lvstudio

lvstudio will develop an Individual Spanish course plan based on your language needs, goals and interests as well as the results of your written and oral assessment. 

The classes last 45 minutes each and you can choose between the package options that we offer from beginner level to advanced.

  • 1-9 online Spanish lessons in 4 weeks max.: 26 EUR each.
  • 10 online Spanish lessons in 4 weeks max.: 215 EUR.
  • 40 online Spanish lessons in 16 weeks max.: 775 EUR

The price apply for online lessons any day of the week (Saturday and Sunday included!) between 8am to 8pm UTC/GMT -3 hours. There may be a 10% to 30% increase in the price outside these hours.

Special Offer: Online Spanish Course + Super Intensive Spanish Course

Take ten online Spanish Lessons anywhere in the world! Once you arrive to Buenos Aires, enjoy our Spanish Group Courses in Palermo at the school.
10 online lessons(45 minutes each) + 4 week of our Super Intensive Group Course(20 hours per week).
Price: 690 EUR

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Prepare for Spanish Language Certification

We offer this course to any students interested in obtaining an internationally recognized Spanish language certificate, Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera. During this course, we pay special attention to idiomatic expressions from Spain as well as Latin America. We will practice for the two part test – reading comprehension and writing on the one hand, listening and speaking on the other. Student commitment to homework and outside class study is crucial to the success of this course.
Course Features

  • Goal-oriented course of study
  • Personalized attention from your instructor
  • Gain confidence in your own language skills

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