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Practice Spanish with a Spanish teacher, free!

This once-a-week class is a low-stress option to help you maintain and improve your Spanish conversation skills.

Every Tuesday tourists, students, teachers, friends and visitors are welcome to attend our free, no strings attached, one-hour Spanish conversation class. It’s our way to meet new people, and offer those on a tight budget an opportunity to practice their Spanish, for free! Anyone with at least a pre-intermediate level of Spanish is welcome! (If you are a basic student you are also welcome to come and observe, and take part in the class as much as you can!)
Currently, the Free Spanish Conversation Class is being held at a Hostel in Palermo  which is just a few blocks from lvstudio.The instructor will break the ice with a topic. However, the topic is just a suggestion, and we never know where the conversation may end up!

Why join us?
> It’s free
> It’s a great opportunity to practice and meet new people!
> All levels are welcome
> Come as many times as you like
A native teacher and other students will be present. Maximum 12 per class, so let us know you’re coming ahead of time by emailing us at

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