Jose Texeira

Jose is Brazilian from the state of Mina Grais. He studied Philosophy and Theology at the Puc Minas Catholic University. He worked 8 years for the at international well-known school CCAA in Brasil as a teacher, translater and marketing agent. He loves to travel and to learn new languages. At lvstudio he works at a teacher, with marketing as well coordinator for the Portuguese department and for new students.

Lucia Pandiani

Lucia is studying a degree in economics at UBA. She joined lvstudio staff in 2015.  She worked in the area of ​​administration for a while, now she is in charge of the marketing department. Her areas of interest go beyond mathematics: She enjoys reading, music and photography.

Carolina Giuliani

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Carolina is a journalist currently studying to be an English translator at Lenguas Vivas University. She has participated in many radio programs as a co-host and film and music critic. At the moment, she is still participating in a radio programme started alongside a friend five years ago called Todo Lo Demás, writing film reviews online. She loves languages, communications and art. A drummer for more than ten years now, she has been part of numerous bands that have recorded several EP’s. She is responsible for LVstudio’s administrative area.

Elvira Solis

Elvira Solís is a Certified Legal Translator from the University of Buenos Aires. She has supplemented her studies with several training sessions in Business Organization, Coaching, and Marketing, and since 1997, has worked in various undertakings in the area of educational and cultural services.

Elvi spent her childhood and teenage years between Argentina and the United States, and finished her high school studies in Atlanta, where she obtained an Advanced Academic Diploma with Excellence. She is bilingual in English-Spanish, fluent in French, and has studied Chinese, Korean, and Portuguese.
Always open to change and communication, she loves to travel, dance, and do introspective work through yoga and meditation.

Dra. Norma (MarieJoe) Medina de Pardi

 Institutional Advisor

Lawyer Professor Certified Legal Translator, with a postgraduate degree in Social Sciences and Educational Management, MarieJoe acts as Consultant to LV Studio in all various areas of management and training.

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